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    Relaxing Swedish Spa Massage


    Smooth, flowing massage movements help promote relaxation, improve circulation, while relieving muscular tension and pain. Together with a massage blend of pure essential oils, provides a total relaxing and pampered experience.

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    Aromatherapy Spa Massage


    A natural treatment using specialised massage techniques. Designed to improve energy levels, restore physical health and physiological well-being. All benefits are multiplied by the use of Essential Oils individually chosen for each treatment.

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    Therapeutic Spa Massage


    Incorporates massage techniques to alleviate tension, discomfort & pain in the body’s musculoskeletal system, particularly in the back, neck & shoulders which, in turn, enhances the whole person, and restores energy levels

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    Pregnancy Spa Massage – 1hr


    Let you and your baby find a relaxed way of being at this beautiful time in your life. Experience an authentic pregnancy massage with specially blended and prepared massage oils.