Hands & Feet

  • Foot Scrub - 100ml

    Foot Scrub – 100ml


    Made from fine and coarse pumice stone, blended together in a rich moisture base to help exfoliate hard skin from the feet and replenish their natural oils. Containing a mild surfactant which allows easy removal of dead skin leaving feet feeling soft, smooth and vibrant.

  • Leg & Foot Lotion - 100ml

    Leg & Foot Lotion – 100ml


    Discover the delightful benefits of this light refreshing peppermint and Lavender lotion designed to cool and soothe tired aching feet and legs. Apply to lower leg and feet and elevate, you will not believe a difference it will make.

  • Soothing Foot Soak - 100g

    Soothing Foot Soak – 100g


    A blend of fine Epsom Salts, Rock Salts Crystals, Peppermint & Lavender to soothe and relax the tiredest of feet and bodies. Place a table spoon of Soothing Foot Crystals in a large bowl of warm water and allow to dissolve. Then rest feet in the prepared water, close your eyes and allow the soothing […]

  • Soothing Foot Balm - 100g

    Soothing Foot Balm – 100g


    This soothing foot balm enriched with Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Colloial Oatmeal, to help soften, condition and moisturise dry cracked skin. Combined with essential oils of Peppermint and Lavender You’ll feel like you’re working on air

  • Nourishing Hand Cream - 100g

    Nourishing Hand Cream – 100g


    Nourishing Hand Cream is up for the challenge; dry cracked hard working hands, whether it’s from gardening, house work or whatever your poor hands must do. An ultra-rich, nourishing cream with natural antioxidants, amino acids and humectants that recondition and moisturise both hands and nails, helping to protect from environmental stress.