Clay Masks

  • Green Clay Mask - 50g

    Green Clay Mask – 50g


    The most absorbing of all the masks with an intense drawing affect on toxins. This cleansing mask smoothes and softens the skin while aiding tissue repair and revitalising tired and neglected skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin, acne, mature and problem skin.

  • White Clay Mask - 50g

    White Clay Mask – 50g


    Mildest and the least drawing of the clays. Ideal for young, sensitive skins, delicate and mature skin. Helps reduce redness, sooths irritated inflamed skin while improving skins texture.

  • Pink Clay Mask - 50g

    Pink Clay Mask – 50g


    This beautiful clay mask has a softening and soothing effect on the skin whilst firming and toning connective tissue. Suitable for sensitive, dry skin, and mature skin.

  • Mask Mix – 100ml


    A beautiful cream mix  to add to any one of our Clay Masks,  to enrich the moisturising properties of the mask, leaving skin soft, sooth and hydrated.