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Nature’s Beauty, Pure & Simple

Time and time again Mother Nature has proved what Science could only suspect. That it takes harmony, balance and the right environment to maintain health and wellbeing. This is true too for a beautiful, healthy skin. Here, at Amore Skin Care, we do not promise instant, miraculous results, that in the long run, often prove unsustainable. We do, however, promise results that will prove a safe and effective skin care for our clients.

Wendy Jesson, owner and founder, first developed her skin care range in 1986 when the shallow advertising slogans “pure”, “safe” and “natural” didn’t mean quite what they do today. Armed with a holistic approach to health and beauty, Wendy went back to basics. She combined the historical wisdom of Aromatherapy and modern science, using pure essential and vital oils, to produce her skin care products.

Our products are:
– Paraben-free
– Sulphate-free
– Silicone-free
– Artificial colour and fragrance-free
– Not tested on animals
– Vegan

Made in Australia, with an eye for quality, purity and sustainability.