From time to time throughout the year, the Amore Day Spa and Pamper Me mobile offers you and that someone special in your life, the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with a special pamper package.  Book online or purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE


Holiday Specials 

  • Summer Essentials Special


    1hr 15mins

    Get ready to step out of Autumn and onto the beach with our Summer Essentials
    • Leg & Bikini wax
    • Brow Shape
    • Pedicure

  • Summer Hydration, “Morning Dew” Facial



    In the harsh Australian environment, the biggest problem when trying to maintain a health youthful looking skin, is its ability to stay hydrated. Along with other contributing factors, such as air-conditioning, smoking, excessive alcohol, poor nutrition, stress and our own body clock to mention but a few, it is no wonder that on average the Australian skin ages quicker than in most other countries. Whether your skin is oily or dry, young or wiser, good skin hydration is so important. Our Morning Dew facial squeeze the best out of Mother Nature to help support skins ability to keep hydrated and revitalised to give a youthful looking glow.

  • Body Glow



    Refresh and rejuvenate your skin tone and lustre with a full body brush, including hot towels to sooth away dry skin, before experiencing all the pleasures and benefits of a relaxation massage.

  • Body Tone Wrap


    1hr 30mins

    While you relax this wrap is hard at work detoxifying, toning and uplifting, ideal for cellulite, weight reduction and tiered sluggish minds and body. With a Dry Body Brush, Hot Towels and a 1hr Massage plus Wrap you’ll drift way in a cocoon of relaxation and awake refreshed and ready to go!

Share Card

Thank you for sharing our services with your family & friends.

To our valued clients that have enjoyed an Amoré Day Spa or Pamper Me Mobile service, we offer personal Share Card's. Please write your name on your Share Card and give to a friend, colleague or family member. The person's name on the Share Card is then known as the Giver and the person they give the Share Card too, is known as the Receiver.

Giver of a Share Card
As the giver of Share Card you will receive $10, (to put towards an Amoré Day Spa or Pamper Me mobile service of your choice), for every person who presents your Share Card on their first appointment.

Receiver of a Share Card
As a receiver of a Pamper Me Share Card you will be entitled to $20 off your first appointment at the Amoré Day Spa or a Pamper Me mobile service. On booking your first appoint with us please mention that you have a share card and bring along with you, so we can thank the person who gave it to you.